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Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

Posted On: 04/01/2019

Surviving a Long-Haul Flight Being stuck in traffic for hours that seem like forever is a pain. But being in a long-haul flight is an entirely different realm of pain. People spend nearly an entire day being stuck in the air, cruising for hours, and their body is mostly confused on what time of the day it is. Most of us may love traveling (because who doesn’t?), but long-haul flights are just impossible to love. Want some tips on how to survive this hateful endeavor? Read more below!

1. Comfortable outfit

The “fashion over comfort” rule is exempted in a long-haul flight. Toss the skinny jeans and tight-fitting shirts in your luggage and slide into those jogger pants and loose fittings shirts. You would want to get into the most comfortable outfit for your 15+ hours of travel time as you will be seated in a tight seat with very limited space unless you are one of the lucky ones in the first class.

2. Travel Essentials

As much as we love children, hearing them scream and cry for 15+ hours straight is just a different kind of torture. Invest in a good pair of earplugs that won’t come off as you nod off to dreamland. Speaking of nodding off, why not take that next step and invest to a memory foam neck pillow to make sure you will be somewhat comfortable in that long-haul flight.

3. Limit Personal Items

Hate to break it to you but a plane has very limited space. You want to make that space as efficiently as possible which means try not to bring big carry-ons. Granted that you can put them in the bin, some personal items sometimes are not small enough for the bins and you know where they go? That’s right, that space meant for your legs.

4. Love your Neighbor

We’re all stuck in this long-haul flight together. So, might as well be good friends with your neighbor, right? Be patient with them as they would need to excuse themselves to use the lavatories or get something from the personal items.

5. Plan ahead!

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Buy your tickets in advance so you’ll have time to prepare for other things such as, your ride to and from the airport, or preparing your luggage, or maybe do some extra work before you leave. Additional time may always come in handy! C&L Air Limo in Massachusetts offers a shuttle ride to and from the airport at an affordable price! Our drivers are all highly-trained and with the necessary certifications. Book now and experience service like no other!

Spring Time in Boston

Posted On: 04/01/2019

Things To Do In Boston During Spring people walking on the crosswalk

Guess what is finally here? Spring has returned to the Bay state and everyone is celebrating! Locals and tourists alike are welcoming the sunny weather and the blooming flowers with open arms. Curious what Boston has to offer during this season? Read more about them below!

1. Outdoor Season is Back!

Everyone dreaded the outdoors for the past couple of months and we could blame winter for that. But now that Spring is here, why not go and relax at the Boston Common or the Boston Public Garden. Invite your friends and loved ones for a picnic!

2. Fenway Park is the Place to Be!

Boston is a sports city and the blooming flowers is a sign that baseball season has started! As the weather warms up, you would definitely want to see a Red Sox game with your buddies. Can’t afford a ticket to Fenway Park? Worry not because most of the bars in the city would show the game live!

3. Eat and Be Merry

One of the best things Boston has to offer is the seemingly unlimited food options. From seafood to typical bar food, to the Italian food, Boston has it all! Locals and tourists alike should try to go to Faneuil Hall to get the full Boston experience.

4. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

One of the perks of living here in Boston is that you are near a lot of different bodies of water. Charles River offers exciting boating activities once the weather starts to warm up. Gather your friends and go kayaking or canoeing along the Charles!

5. Museum Dates

As a city that offers a lot of culture and heritage, Boston hosts a number of museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts. When in the city, make sure that you allow some time for these museums as one day would not be enough!

If you are visiting or just coming back from vacation, we can help you get from the airport to your destination! C & L Air Limo offers a safe and highly affordable airport shuttle service that can get you to and from the Boston Logan airport. Call us now and make a reservation!

Tips for Packing More Efficiently

Posted On: 01/22/2019

While traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, the process of packing for a trip can sometimes be extremely stressful. Many people, even those who travel on a regular basis, simply don’t know the most effective ways to pack a suitcase. Whether you’re about to embark on a quick weekend trip or a month-long journey, there are some key packing tips you should be aware of. Below, you’ll see some helpful hints that will allow you to start packing your suitcase more efficiently every time you go somewhere.

Follow the weather forecast closely.

One problem people have when packing is that they take too much because they haven’t kept close tabs on the weather forecast in their destination city. You will probably find that your suitcase is much lighter if you check the weather daily for at least a week leading up to your departure date. This will allow you to take clothing that is appropriate for the temperatures the region has been experiencing, no matter what time of year it is. If you do have to take bulky clothes because you’re headed somewhere cold, try to layer as much as you reasonably can to wear on the plane and save space in your luggage.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Rolling shirts, pants, dresses, and other garments is the single best way to pack them in a suitcase. Not only does this method eliminate wrinkles in many cases, but it makes space for more clothing than folding does. It does bear noting, however, that in order to keep your things wrinkle-free, you’ll need to make sure they are made of natural fibers, such as cotton and wool. If anything does become wrinkled while rolled in your luggage, simply iron it when you get to your destination. If no iron is available, turn on hot water in the shower and leave the garment in the bathroom to be steamed.

Pack undergarments and socks into your shoes.

This tip is one that just may be a gamechanger for you when you travel. Instead of letting your socks and undergarments float around your suitcase aimlessly, roll them tightly and put them inside of your shoes. Then, place the shoes on the bottom of the suitcase so their soles don’t soil any of your clothing. This is a tried-and-true tactic that will keep things organized and clean throughout your next trip.

Leave space for souvenirs.

If you know you’re going to be purchasing souvenirs during your upcoming vacation, account for them as best you can while you are initially packing. Don’t pack your suitcase all the way to the brim so you can make sure you have space for your treasures when you’re coming home. Otherwise, you could find yourself having to buy a new bag during your trip and paying to check it, which is something nobody wants to deal with! Proper preparation is the key to efficient packing. No matter how many or how big your luggage is, we are here to help you out! We know how stressful it is lugging your suitcase around, especially after a long flight. C&L Air Limo has been around for years and with our talented drivers, we can make your travel life easier! Hopefully, these simple tips will help you have better packing experiences not only for trips you already have planned but well into the future. Traveling becomes much more enjoyable when you no longer have to dread the packing process! Remember, there’s a whole world out there waiting for you.

4 Hidden Gems of Wisconsin

Posted On: 09/25/2018

A truly unappreciated Midwestern state of the union, Wisconsin sits in the Midwest with indulgent cheese and warm, welcoming locals. While it may not seem like someone’s dream vacation spot, there are in fact many beautiful and exciting places to visit and see all over Wisconsin.

1) Peshtigo River, Athelstane
You probably don’t even know that Wisconsin had river rafting! Known as one of the longest continuous stretches of whitewater in the Midwest, the Peshtigo River offers a heart-pounding trip down intense Class III, IV, and V whitewater rapids. Rafting not your thing? Enjoy beautiful granite rock formations and spectacular scenery by the tree-lined shores of the river.

2) Cave of the Mounds, Blue Mounds
Cave of the Mounds was accidentally discovered on August 4, 1939 when workers, who were removing limestone from a quarry on the Brigham Farm, blasted into the Cave. The blast tore the face off the quarry and revealed a great underground cavern. This huge, natural system is a hidden wonderland – stalactites hang dramatically from the ceiling, and wild, colorful rock formations appear at every turn. Guided tours are now available year-round and are particularly fun during Wisconsin’s intense winters; the inside of the cave is a steady 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

3) House on the Rock, Spring Green
“One of the strangest places I’ve ever been” is how one visitor described the House of the Rock. One of Wisconsin’s most unusual hidden gems, the House is bizarre structure built on a huge sandstone base that was once a private residence. Now housing original owner’s many collections, can tour the property to see them all, including a 200-foot sea animal and the world’s largest carousel. Don’t miss the glass-enclosed Infinity Room that extends out high above the forest.

4) Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Bayfield
Hidden away at the northernmost point of Wisconsin, the Apostle Islands are a result of the glaciers that once covered North America. Known for its collection of historic lighthouses, sandstone sea caves, a few old-growth remnant forests, and natural animal habitats, feel free to rent a kayak and hop on an Apostle Islands Cruises ferry from Bayfield. During the summer, enjoy swimming in Lake Superior and paddling along the forested shores; in the winter, hike around the spectacular ice caves.

When you’re planning your next vacation, don’t count the beautiful state of Wisconsin out. And if you need a shuttle to Logan or Manchester airport, contact C&L Air Limo today!

Montana’s Hidden Gems: 4 Favorites

Posted On: 09/24/2018

Tourism to Montana has been up in recent years, with over 12 million people now visiting the state annually. There’s a reason so many people are drawn to Montana, or maybe it’s fairer to say, reasons—whether it’s the national parks, the beautiful landscapes, the fly-fishing adventures or the ski slopes, there’s something for everyone all year round.

Planning a trip to Montana? Here’s a few hidden gems you might want to tick off your list.

1) Makoshika State Park
While this isn’t one of the most well-known of state parks, it’s Montana's largest, and is incredibly picturesque thanks to the unique sandstone formations. Named for the Sioux “Land of Bad Spirits,” this park offers visitors the opportunity to walk a real dinosaur trail. See the fossilized remains of triceratops, T-rex, and more.

2) The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas
While Montana may not seem like a hot spot for Tibetan spiritualism, the Garden, located in Arlee, MT, is renowned for its elegant white buddha statues and tranquil layout. With guided tours available during the warmer months, the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas is a place anyone can come to find their inner peace.

3) The Ringing Rocks
Before there was the iPod, there was rock gongs. Located East of Butte, the Ringing Rocks create musical sounds when tapped or hit with a mallet. According to scientists, the ringing noise is a result of both the rocks’ composition and their location next to the Boulder Batholith—remove the rocks and they no longer “sing.” You’ll need to wear hiking shoes to access this one-of-a-kind geological formation.

4) Castle Town Ghost Town
Once home to Calamity Jane, Castle Town was a thriving mining community in the late 1800s. If old Western Movies have always had a special place in your heart, this might be the place to visit. Abandoned since the 1930s, it’s still possible to walk through what remains of the town and see the old meat market, post office and more. Who knows—maybe you’ll even see some ghosts. Since Castle Town is located on private land, keep in mind—you’ll need to ask permission first.

Despite its size, Montana is home to just under a million people, making it the perfect locale for getting away from all the noise and crowding that comes along with everyday life. If you need transportation to Logan or Manchester airport to finally have your Montana vacation, call C&L Air Limo today.

A Short History of Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Posted On: 08/30/2018

history of manchester airport infographic

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approve spending $15,000 to begin development of a Manchester airport. The newly formed Manchester Board of Aviation and Recreation approves construction of an airport on an 84-acre tract of land near Pine Island Pond. Ground is broken four days later and within a month two 1,800-foot runways are cleared.

The first passenger terminal opens. Amelia Earhart touches down in the Queen City during a Boston to Montreal flight.

The Roosevelt Administration approves a $286,000 airport expansion project. The U.S. War Department announces Manchester has been selected as an Army Air Corps Base.

New $850,000 passenger terminal opens at Manchester Airport. Terminal named after Roscoe A. Ammon, a successful businessman and airport booster who died of cancer less than two weeks before the new terminal is opened.

Grenier Field/Manchester Municipal Airport officially renamed Manchester Airport. 1992
“Phase I” of the redevelopment of Manchester Airport begins, with projects including a new passenger terminal, taxiways, roadways and parking.

A new 158,000 square foot passenger terminal opens at Manchester Airport. Modern facility offers many airport amenities, including: seven jet gates and five regional gates; three baggage carrousels; a choice of restaurants; an international newsstand; and ample, inexpensive short and long-term parking near the terminal.

“Phase II” of the redevelopment of Manchester Airport begins, with projects including runway and taxiway improvements, passenger terminal addition, parking garage and new airport entrance road. Manchester Airport surpasses one million passengers for the first time.

A 75,000 square foot terminal addition opens, including three new jet gates, five regional gates and ninety feet of ticket counter space. Manchester Airport surpasses two million passengers for the first time.

Manchester Airport surpasses three million passengers for the first time.

Manchester Airport surpasses almost 4.4 million passengers and sets new annual passenger activity record.

Manchester Airport is officially renamed Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

A Short History of Boston’s Logan Airport

Posted On: 08/29/2018

short history of logan airport infographic

Jeffrey Field
Logan Airport was originally known as Jeffrey Field, a small 189-acre tidal flat airfield with a 1,500 ft. cinder runway, and was used primarily by the Massachusetts Air Guard and the Army Air Corps. It opened on Sept. 8, 1923.

Colonial Air
Colonial Air, the predecessor of American Airlines, begins the first regularly scheduled commercial passenger flights between Boston and New York in 1927. Ownership of Boston Airport is transferred from the U.S. Army to the Massachusetts Legislature in 1928.

Boston Harbor Reclaimed
In 1929, the City of Boston takes control of the airport with a 20-year lease from the state, adding an administration building, lengthening runways, and paving access roads. Two hundred acres of land was reclaimed from Boston Harbor. In 1934, the airfield was expanded from 189 acres to 400 acres. Airside land area is expanded by 1,800 acres from the further filling of Boston Harbor. Additional runways, apron areas and three new hangars are built to provide operational support.

Logan Airport
On June 12, 1943, Boston Airport becomes General Edward Lawrence Logan Airport. In 1949, the horseshoe-shaped Boutwell Terminal Building was completed. Today, Terminals B and C are on the terminal's original footprint. Loop Access In 1952, loop access roadway system is completed to support the new terminal. The first non-stop transcontinental service begins between Boston and Los Angeles. By 1980, 15.1m passengers fly in and out of Logan each year. Additional expansion in the 1980s includes the Logan Office Center, Southside cargo facilities, a new Hyatt Hotel and the Amelia Earhart General Aviation Terminal. Soundproofing work is completed in East Boston schools and thousands of East Boston homes.

Terminal A
Terminal A opened in 2005 and become Logan’s fourth main terminal: joining Terminal B, which opened in 1974; Terminal C, which opened in 1967; and Terminal E, which opened in 1974.

Eating Well While Traveling

Posted On: 07/30/2018

Being away from home, staying in unfamiliar places, and not being familiar with where to get nutritious meals can wreak havoc on your diet. Here are a few tips to help you make healthy decisions while traveling:

At the Airport
Most larger airports have a vast array of eating options to choose from, but they’re notoriously overpriced. If you’re watching your budget along with your waistline, eat before getting to the airport. While it might be appealing to snack or indulge while you’re waiting for your flight, have a game plan of when you plan to eat and stick with it.

Bring food with you in your carry-on, along with an empty water bottle that you can fill up after you get past security. Nuts and dried fruit are good snacking choices, as well as hummus and cut veggies, sandwiches, chips or leftovers in collapsible containers.

If you have dietary restrictions like being vegan or gluten-free, you will most likely be able to find a few options, even at smaller airports. Try baked potatoes from fast food joints like Wendy’s, or a veggie-only wrap at a sandwich shop. Most restaurants will accommodate your allergies and dietary preferences if you ask.

During Your Flight
If hunger hits at 30,000 feet and you forgot to pack your own snacks or to eat beforehand, you can either stick it out or go for airline food. Some airlines have elevated their food quality, but it won’t come cheap. For insight, check out Love Exploring’s list of best airline food.

At the Hotel
Pick up some easy-to-prepare food at a nearby grocery store or market, if possible. Even if you stock up on just breakfast and snack items, you’ll eat better and save money.

Ask for a microwave and refrigerator be delivered if your room doesn’t have them. The hotel may charge you extra, but it’s well worth it if you can prepare and store your food from the grocery store or leftovers from eating out.

How to Perfect Your Family Vacation

Posted On: 07/10/2018

At C&L Air Limo we provide car service to Logan Airport and Manchester Airport, and over the years, we've seen the beginning and end of many family vacations. Here are some tips to help plan a great family vacation!

Plan in Advance
When traveling with children or teens, its crucial to plan your itinerary in advance. Sure, when you travel with another adult it can be fun to play everything day by day and not make firm plans. When you're traveling with youngsters, they need structure! You should know in advance what you're doing each day to give your kids structure.

Activities During Idle Time
If you're going to be traveling with children, you should have something to keep them occupied during idle times. Books or toys (quiet toys) during the car ride to and from the airport and during the flight will come in handy. Light mess-free snacks to keep the occupied will also bode well.

Involve Your Kids in Planning
This one speaks for itself, you should let your kids give their input on their day to day activities. This is also a great way to get them excited about the trip in advance. If you're going to Disney for example it’s almost impossible to do every activity during a few day tip. Go over the attractions on the places you plan to visit and let your kids pick which ones they want to do the most!

Reduce Stress When Possible
Vacations should be fun for everyone, but everyone who has gone through a family vacation knows that traveling can be a bit stressful at times. That's why it’s important to reduce stress when possible. Many family friendly attractions offer the ability to purchase tickets online in advance. We all know children aren't the most patient people and taking away time waiting in line with them will help everyone out. Make a trip to the grocery store when you get to the hotel and pick up water bottles and non-perishable snacks. You'll save money and time in the long run.

Finally, we do recommend booking a car service to the airport. Children get excited when they see a big SUV pull up to the house and they know their vacation is about to begin. You don't have to worry about making it on time to the airport, dealing with parking, and getting your whole family to the terminal.

Affordable Places to Vacation in the United States

Posted On: 06/18/2018

Now that school is out, it’s time for a family trip. If you want to explore a beautiful location without the expense, here are some of the most affordable vacation spots in the United States:

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona Carved by the powerful Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is a staggering 277 miles long canyon, up to 18 miles wide, and attains a depth of over a mile. A popular destination spot, it is known for its visually overwhelming size and its colorful and intricate landscape. The exposed rock layers reveal much of the early geologic history of North America.

2. Yosemite, California A United States national park lying in the western Sierra Nevada of California and covers almost 1,200 square miles. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1984, Yosemite is internationally recognized for its granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, giant sequoia groves, lakes, mountains, meadows, and glaciers. Almost 95% of the park is designated wilderness.

3. Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada A large freshwater lake that straddles the state lines of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine like in North America. The lake was formed 2 million years ago as part of the Lake Tahoe Basin and is known for the clarity of its water and the panorama of surrounding mountains. Home to winter sports, summer outdoor recreation, and scenery enjoyed throughout the year, including snow and ski resorts.

4. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Spanning an area of almost 3,500 square miles comprising lakes, canyons, rivers and mountain ranges, Yellowstone was the first national park in the U.S. and is also widely held to be the first national park in the world. The park is known for its wildlife (Grizzly bears, wolves, and free-ranging herds of bison and elk) and its many geothermal features, especially the Old Faithful geyser. The Yellowstone Park bison herd is the oldest and largest public bison herd in the United States.

5. Maui, Hawaii Literally voted the “Best Island in the World,” Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands. With its nice weather and countless swimmable beaches, snorkeling and windsurfing being the most popular activities on Maui.

Ready to get your vacation started? Contact C&L Air Limo at 978.692.9303 and we’ll pick you up and bring you to the airport!

30 Years of Reliable Airport Shuttle Service

Posted On: 06/18/2018

C&L Air Limo has been providing quality airport shuttle service to Boston Logan airport since 1986. That’s nearly 30 years of family vacations, business trips, and sightseeing that we’ve help make happen.

The most important factors when choosing a business is trust and reliability.

You need to know that your airport shuttle service is reliable. Longevity is a powerful sign. Companies with poor service don’t tend to last long. We strive to provide prompt, friendly service, and to make things as easy as possible for our customers, so your trip can go as smoothly as possible to and from the airport.

We have delighted travelers for the better part of the past 30 years. With C&L Air Limo, you know you’ll get reliable, trustworthy, and friendly service - we have the track record to prove it.

  • “We have used C & L Limo service for over 20 years and have never once been left in the lurch! They also have always picked us up at EXACTLY when they told us they would, and despite many challenging traffic messes, have always gotten us to our flights on time.” - Linda C. of Carlisle, Yelp

  • “Excellent! Driver was prompt, friendly, courteous, good driver. And it was a very early pickup. Got to the airport earlier than expected. I would use C&L again. Thank you!” - Susie A. of Boxborough, Yelp

  • “My father took C & L for a trip in October 2017 and they could not be more accommodating in their service. He worked out the details with them on the phone and they carefully listened and scheduled his pick up so that he'd have no problems making his flight. I really appreciate having a local business that takes such good care of their clients!” - Ingrid Skoog, Google Reviews

  • “Super reliable and prompt service. Very friendly drivers who know all the back roads, too. I've used them every couple of months for years now--and always had a wonderful experience.” -Madeleine Eno, Google Reviews

  • “I have used C&L's service to Logan 4-5 times and have found them to be always on time. The drivers are courteous and friendly. Excellent experience and I highly recommend them.” -Raj Kanapathy, Google Reviews

  • “Excellent service. Picked up on time at home and driver was waiting when we arrived at Logan. Instructions were very clear on how to meet driver at Logan. Price reasonable, courteous drivers. Easy to book online. Will definitely recommend!” -Mary S. of Groton, Yelp

    Why Take a Shuttle to the Airport

    Posted On: 05/31/2018

    why take a shuttle infographic

    1) On Time: Experienced shuttle drives know how to get to the airport on time. With long security lines and changing gates, trust your arrival time to professionals.

    2) Lower Cost: Airport parking? A taxi? If you’d rather not spend all your money before your flight, an airport shuttle is the economic way to go.

    3) Stress-Free: No need to fill up a gas tank or find the rental car return place. No trying to fit your luggage onto the T during rush hour.

    4) Reservations: Planning your trip to the airport has never been easier! Don’t wait around for an unreliable Uber driver – reserve your airport shuttle ahead of time and have peace of mind.

    5) Reliable: Trust your transportation to drivers who know the cities and airports. Award-winning, white-glove service every time.

    Benefits of Using a Airport Shuttle for Family Travel

    Posted On: 04/30/2018

    At C & L Air Limo, we've seen our fair share of beginnings and endings of family vacations. With trips to Logan Airport & Manchester Airport starting at 76$. Having been in operation for over 30 years, we know that family vacations are meant to be fun, but can sometimes start out rocky when traveling with small children. That's why we think the best way to get a family vacation off to a perfect start is to schedule airport transportation in advance.

    Parking: Have you taken a look at parking prices at Logan Airport now days? If you go the cheapest option, the economy lot, you're looking at spending $25 a day. Over a week vacation that's $150! By using a airport shuttle, you also save time during your trip, eliminating stress in the whole airport travel process.

    Stress Free: Traveling, especially with children, can be a stressful experience. Making sure everyone is on time, finding parking, making sure everyone has all the luggage they need, it all adds up. By scheduling transportation with C & L Air Limo, you can cross out some of the stressful points of traveling. Relax on the morning of your trip, and let the professionals in airport transportation make sure you make your flight on time. Use the extra time to make sure your children are attended to and are ready to go when we arrive.

    Fun For Kids: One thing about using airport shuttles that adults don't realize? Children love taking them to the airport! They get excited when they see the driver pull into the drive way and they know their vacation is about to start! Family vacations are all about the kids, so start the trip off right!

    Are you ready to start your family vacation on the right foot? Leave the stress of airport transportation to the experts. Contact C & L Air Limo today to reserve your ride!

    3 Places You Should Visit If You Are Planning a Vacation in February

    Posted On: 01/17/2018

    With the weather in New England continues to be in bad conditions, many people are planning their getaways. There is a lot going on in the United States and around the world. So here are 3 places you should visit if you are planning a vacation in February.

    New Orleans

    New Orleans aka “the Big Easy” is one of the best places to visit during the winter because of its great food, weather, and nightlife. The streets are filled with bars and restaurants that play live jazz in a cozy environment. When you are exploring the Big Easy, a poboy and beignets are a must try as the food infused the culinary arts of French, Cajun, Spanish, and American.

    Don’t forget the biggest event in New Orleans in February is the Mardi Gars celebrations. This year, it will fall on February 13 and you can see the parades and revelry for days.

    Maui, Hawaii

    Did you know the month of February is the cheapest time of the year to go to Hawaii? Not only airfare is cheaper, the hotel rates also go down after the busy holiday seasons. In Hawaii, you will be able to enjoy its white sand beaches, learning how to surf, hiking its all natural state and national parks, and more. February is also the peak of the humpback whale-watching season. The island of Maui hosts the Whale Festival from February 10-24.

    Beijing, China

    In 2018, the Chinese New Year falls in February and the whole country shuts down for a week, with banks and shops all shutting down during the first week of Chinese New Year. The capital, Beijing will have one of the largest celebrations in the country with plenty of food and entertainment. The whole holiday period traditionally ends with the Lantern Festival.

    Eager to go on these adventures during February? Contact C&L Air Limo today to schedule a ride to Boston Logan or Manchester Airport.

    5 Places to Visit in January, 2018

    Posted On: 12/22/2017

    Winter has finally arrived here in New England and snow is coming early this year as well. If you like the cold and snow, the ski resorts in New England are great places for you. However, for many that don’t like the cold, it’s time to fly to places that are much warmer with amazing white sand beaches and icy cold drinks on the side. So here are five places to visit in January.

    1. Miami

    Miami is a popular vacation spot to escape the snow and rain in the Northeast. In fact, Florida will have the lowest humidity during the month of January. In addition to the white sand beaches, you can visit outdoor attractions such as the Wynwood Walls and Zoo Miami without breaking too much of a sweat. You should book early if you are planning to go to Miami during this time because of the snowbirds flocking south.

    2. Cambodia

    Cambodia is a destination that has been gaining popularity over the years. In addition to Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage site that was built in the 12th century, there are many other fabulous temples, white sand beaches, and breathtaking landscapes that would blow your mind. During the month of January, the weather is extremely pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold. Some key attractions include Kampot, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, and more.

    3. Lima

    Because of its location in the Southern Hemisphere, its warm temperatures are perfect for the beautiful beaches in Lima. Then, if the heat is too much, there are plenty of impressive museums such as Museo de Arte de Lima or Museo Mario Testino. You can also celebrate Foundation Day during January which celebrates Peru’s settlement by the Spanish.

    4. Morocco

    It is one of the top names in the list of warm places to visit in January. The vibrant country is famously known for its colorful markets and mosques. Lively cities like Marrakech and Tangier are wonderful to explore in addition the Atlas Mountains, Majorelle Garden, Medina Souks, and more.

    5. Costa Rica

    Central America is known for its wetness and humidity. However, during January, Costa Rica is enjoying its driest times of the year. It is much easier to enjoy its outdoors and wildlife viewing opportunities. You can visit Monteverde Cloud Forest and the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge. You can also enjoy bullfights and outdoor concerts while you are in Costa Rica.

    Eager to travel to these places already? Let us help by transporting you from the Westford area to Logan or Manchester Airport. Contact us today at 978-692-9303 to schedule a ride.

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